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Dr Susan Searls-Giroux


One of the most insightful and incisive scholars of race, post-Civil Rights America, Cultural Studies, and the politics of higher-eduction in North America, Dr Searls-Giroux is the author of Between Race and Reason: Violence, Intellectual Responsibility, and the University to Come (2010), the winner of the 2011 Gary A. Olson Award, an honour presented by the Association for Teachers of Advanced Composition for the most outstanding book on rhetorical and cultural theory. She has also co-authored Take Back Higher Education: Race, Youth, and the Crisis of Democracy in the Post-Civil Rights Era (2004) with Henry Giroux, and The Theory Toolbox: Critical Concepts for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (2002) with Jeffrey Nealon. Dr Searls-Giroux has worked as a Professor at McMaster University since 2005, and is currently serving as  McMaster’s Associate Vice-President, Faculty.



Dr Henry Giroux


The author of over 50 books and over 400 articles, Dr Giroux is one of the founding figures of Critical Pedagogy, a theory of education that emphasizes student empowerment, the nurturing of critical, democratically-minded subjects, and the translation of knowledge into action. After working as a high school teacher in Rhode Island for six years, he received his doctorate from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1977. Having previously taught at Boston University, Miami University, and Pennsylvania State University, he currently serves as the Global TV Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, a position he has held since 2005. A member of the board of directors at Truth-Out.org, a website devoted to the publication of progressive, investigative journalism, Dr Giroux continues to publish articles and books on cultural studies, critical pedagogy, biopolitics, the public pedagogy of neoliberalism, and the politics higher education. In January 2012, he was named by the Toronto Star as one of “12 Canadians Changing the Way We Think.”

Dr David L. Clark


A noted scholar of British Romanticism, Post-Enlightenment Philosophy, Contemporary Critical Theory, Queer Theory, and Critical Animal Studies, Dr Clark is co-editor of and contributor to New Romanticisms: Theory and Critical Practice (1994), Intersections: Nineteenth-Century Philosophy and Contemporary Theory (1995), and Regarding Sedgwick: Essays on Queer Culture and Critical Theory (2002). In 1987, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario.  Dr Clark is currently Professor in the Department of English and Cultural Studies and Associate Member of the Health Studies Program in the Department of Health, Aging and Society at McMaster University.  Before coming to McMaster he was Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellow at Yale University, Barbara Rooke Fellow in Romantic Literature at Trent University, and was twice Visiting Professor at the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism at the University of Western Ontario.  In 2012 he was George Whalley Visiting Professor in Romanticism at Queen’s University and the Lansdowne Visiting Scholar at the University of Victoria.  A recent interview with Dr Clark can be found at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alBSM7Nv4mY




Tyler J. Pollard

Tyler J. Pollard is a doctoral candidate (ABD) in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University. He is the Managing Director of McMaster University’s Public Intellectuals Project. Before beginning his PhD, Tyler completed a Bachelor of Arts with honors in Philosophy and English (University of Calgary), and a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory (McMaster University). His doctoral research is concerned with the relationship between neoliberalism and public and higher education in the United States and Canada, with a primary focus on the increasingly punitive role of debt and indebtedness in the affective and subjective lives of young people.


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