Volume 37, Issue 4 of The Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies, featuring critical work by scholars and public intellectuals including Hannah Spector, Luis S. Villacanas de Castro, Michael Cross and Vivian Atinde, Patti Silbert and Heather Jacklin, Colleen McGloin, and Kal Heer.

Table of Contents

Notes on contributors

pages 269-270


The Great Unescape: Three Mile Island, Fukushima, and Beyond

Hannah Spector

pages 271-288


“Why Should I Study English If I’m Never Going to Leave This Town?” Developing Alternative Orientations to Culture in the EFL Classroom through CAR

Luis S. Villacanas de Castro

pages 289-301


The Pedagogy of the Marginalized: Understanding How Historically Disadvantaged Students Negotiate Their Epistemic Access in a Diverse University Environment

Michael Cross and Vivian Atinde

pages 308-325


“Assembling” the Ideal Learner: The School Assembly as Regulatory Ritual

Patti Silbert and Heather Jacklin

pages 226-344


Corporate Speak and “Collateral Recruitment”: Surfing the Student Body

Colleen McGloin

pages 345-358


I Thought You Were One of Us! Triumphs and Crisis When Teaching Your Own

Kal Heer

pages 359-372


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