El Tres de Mayo, by Francisco de Goya


November 2014 Issue of The Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies, featuring exciting new work from Esther Lezra, Peter Roberts, Philip S. S. Howard, Pascale R. Bos, and Jesse Bazzul.


Table of Contents


Notes on Contributors


A Pedagogy of Empathy for a World of Atrocity

Esther Lezra

pages 343-371


Educative Suffering? Dostoevsky as Teacher

Peter Roberts

pages 372-385


Drawing Dissent: Postracialist Pedagogy, Racist Literacy, and Racial Plagiarism in Anti-Obama Political Cartoons

Philip S. S. Howard

pages 386-402


Empathy, Sympathy, Simulation? Resisting a Holocaust Pedagogy of Identification

Pascale R. Bos

pages 403-421


Critical Discourse Analysis and Science Education Texts: Employing Foucauldian Notions of Discourse and Subjectivity

Jesse Bazzul

pages 422-437


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