Fall 2014 issue of The Review of Education Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, featuring exciting new work by Kenneth Saltman, Susie O’Brien, Simon Orpana, Jose Prado and Jeffery Montez De Oca, and Joris Vlieghe.

Table of Contents


Notes on Contributors

pages 247-248


Neoliberalism and Corporate School Reform: “Failure” and “Creative Destruction”

Kenneth J. Saltman

pages 249-259


“Graceful Failure”: The Privatization of Resilience

Susie O’Brien

pages 260-273


Waiting for Superman: Neoliberal Educational Reform and the Craft of Filmic Direction

Jose Prado & Jeffrey Montez de Oca

pages 274-297


The Law and Its Illicit Desires: Transversing Free Market Claustrophobia and the Zombie Imaginary in Dredd 3-D

Simon Orpana

pages 298-319


Corporeality, Equality, and Education: A Biopedagogical Perspective

Joris Vlieghe

pages 320-339


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